LCD Soundsystem – “Pow Pow”

The James Murphy-soundtracked (and cameod) Greenberg’s out in limited release today, which is maybe why LCD Soundsystem’s “Drunk Girls” surfaced yesterday and now we can pass along a snippet from another new one, “Pow Pow.” It’s a sing-speak “Losing My Edge”-esque anthem that conjures Murphy’s thing for Ultimate Fighting with the “Pow Pow” while name-dropping Michael Musto (who’s told to “eat it”), a nod that crystallizes the slightly old-school Downtown NYC party vibe. It’s being released as a UK single for reason.

More on the “Pow Pow” 12″ at Juno Records. The new, still untitled, Yves Saint Laurent-approved third album is out on DFA/Virgin 5/17. A few days later, you can catch the band 5/20 and 5/21 at Terminal 5 in NYC. As Murphy notes:

after much deliberation, it looks like we’re going to play shows. in new york. where we live. after the shows we’re going to sleep in our own beds, which is somewhat amazing. we’re playing at terminal 5, and the show is being put on by the bowery presents people, who have been good to us for YEARS (note the 8 million shows at the bowery ballroom). so we’re psyched.

Ticket info at