Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Trailer Features Two New Beck Songs

Beck’s been publicizing the scope of his circle of associations via his Record Club project (most recently tapping Angus from Liars, St. Vincent, and Os Mutantes to cover INXS), and you can go ahead and add Michael Cera and Bryan Lee O’Malley to the checklist: Yesterday the internet had a conniption over the long awaited Scott Pilgrim trailer, and we now know its music include two Beck originals, composed specifically for the indie-rock manga-satire graphic novel’s translation to the big screen. (Beck’s making all the music for Pilgrim’s band Sex-Bob-Omb, which is a very Adam Schlesingeresque thing for Beck to do.) Check the trailer to hear the new Beck-Bob-Omb stuff over at Videogum. (H/T to The Playlist for the Beck sleuthing.)