The Last Shadow Puppets Swing By Conan, Alex Turner Enjoys His Time On The Couch

The Mercury Prize snubbed Arctic Alex and his mate Miles of the Rascals, but the two are too young and well dressed and possessed of tuneful throwback British songs to care much. You don’t have to take my inference for it, though: Last night on Conan they shook a tambourine, harmonized, and jangled a guitar in tailored black suits and with a nice little orchestra to the symphonic ’60s pop of “Standing Next To Me,” looking like, well, things were going pretty OK.

You can watch the performance by clicking here, but mostly I encourage you to check out the body language and mild-to-medium grade eye-fucking that goes down on the far end of the couch when Alex cozies up to Paget Brewster afterward, leaving Miles to keep O’Brien occupied. Even when Conan tries to talk to make his way in for a moment in his capacity as Host Trying To Sign Off The Show, Alex remains posed, and poised, as if thwarting off another bloke at a bar. Here’s the direct link to that excerpt. That’s how it’s done, gang. All you need to do now is put up some songs on MySpace and get famous.