Like A Rolling Series Of Tubes

“You think I’m over the hill/ You think I’m past my prime/ Let me see what you got/ We can have a whoppin’ good time” sings Bob Dylan on his new album Modern Times.

Of course he’s talking about viral video.

YouTube? That’s for Paris Hilton. Old man Zimmerman is a Google Video guy. Check out for the “worldwide online premiere of rare and never-before-seen Bob Dylan videos” including:

  • Outtakes from the famed 1967 documentary Don’t Look Back
  • A 1969 duet performance with Johnny Cash of “Girl From The North Country”
  • Live performance of “Isis” from the 1975 Rolling Thunder Review tour
  • The “Series of Dreams” music video
  • Bob’s 60 Minutes interview with Ed Bradley
I haven’t bothered to check if any of this shit is on YouTube. But hey, Google put it all in one place, and watching this “Isis” clip is a swell way to start your weekend (even if Dylan himself is not keen on swf audio).