New Portishead – “Key Bored 299 03″

Portishead have finally posted some new material on their MySpace. (The pioneering trip-hop group’s last studio album came in ’97.) And by “new material” I mean two half-baked instrumental jams. It’s really nothing until Beth lays down vocals, but here ya go:

Portishead – “Key Bored 299 03″ (MP3)

According to, Geoff Barrows had this to say about the tunes:

“The tracks are in a right mess but sounding like a album for the first time in years they (are) a bit weird though. Its great – its nice to think us old gits have a few tunes in us without sounding like coffee table Zero 7 – Moby – chill out shit!”

Dude cannot blog without insulting someone!