OK Go To Do The Treadmill Thing Live

At next Thursday’s MTV Video Music Awards, YouTube house band OK Go will perform their treadmill instruction video “Here It Goes Again” live, much to the delight of Daddy Yankee and James Blunt.

I admit I was a bit harsh on these guys when we first talked about the new video. Although, in response to this reader comment…

“When they performed the song (actually they just danced) on Good Morning America, the hosts didn’t even say that they were OK Go, they said they were dancing to an Ok Go song. Why can’t dancing be their trademark?”

…I say: trademark? Sure. Lots of bands have gimmicks. But I assume OK Go want people to know that foremost they’re a rock band!

Of course, it’s more challenging than ever to sell records these days, and both “A Million Ways” and “Here It Goes Again” are (1) truly entertaining (2) a brilliant way to get Gen Y’s attention (and hopefully sell concert tickets). That said, one more of these synchronized dance videos and I think OK Go would be doing themselves a disservice.

Lead dancer singer Damian Kulash visited The Colbert Report earlier this week and you can watch the witty banter at onegoodmove.org.

Wow. I never knew I felt so strongly about synchronized treadmill routines.

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