New Killers – “Bones” & “Sam’s Town” Live In Vegas 8/23/06

The Killers’ forthcoming Sam’s Town is a hot topic on Stereogum. And some of you ask why we blog about them so much if we hate them. WE DON’T HATE THEM. We just think Brandon’s ego needed to be taken down a notch. And I believe we’ve sufficiently ridiculed him for his uncouth emo beefs and delusions of Bossdom.

So let’s focus on the music. Reader Nicole was kind enough to share two live cuts from the band’s MySpace-sponsored Las Vegas show on Wednesday. Now you can judge based on the merits of the music … well, as much as one can judge from a pretty shitty quality bootleg. But I figure there are enough people out there curious to hear the new stuff.

The Killers – “Bones (Las Vegas 8-23-06)” (MP3)
The Killers – “Sam’s Town (Las Vegas 8-23-06)” (MP3)

(“When You Were Young” is growing on me.)

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