Titus Andronicus – “A More Perfect Union” Video

One of The Monitor’s best tracks is its raucous opener “A More Perfect Union,” a song best experienced bleeding into “Titus Andronicus Forever”’s “the enemy is everywhere.” This Claire Carré-directed video uses a severely edited version of the track (we go from 7:10 to 3:34), but I ended up not missing the extra minutes too much: If a song’s success depends on a triumphant build, then heading out to the wintry woods, referencing the Civil War, screaming into tape recorders, climbing snowy trees, and leading your friends in a ragtag “Yankee Doodle” sing-along goes a long way to rectifying your or your record label’s decision to do a “radio edit.”


Titus Andronicus – “A More Perfect Union”

The Monitor is out 3/9 via XL.