Spambots Use Mew References

Like most of you, I waste countless hours (okay, minutes) every day, ‘junk’ing e-mails my spam filter misses. Lately, I’ve been getting a ton of Critical Investor Alerts, which I guess slip through with their embedded graphics. Check out how this spam starts though…


Anyway, I thought that would amuse you. But here’s the real reason for this post. TECHIES I NEED YOU. A few weeks ago I asked y’all if I should make “the switch.” And I did! Got a shiny Macbook Pro whose screenly prompted died after five days while I was in Grant Park trying to liveblog Lollapalooza! (Chicago Genius Bar said “random hardware malfunction” … we’ll replace … blah blah blah…)

Anyway, I finally got my replacement and am having difficultly moving my PC Thunderbird mail archives to my Mac. Thunderbird to Thunderbird’s supposed to be easy! I followed this dude’s instructions, but after merging my inbox (w/out .msf files) I get an error that won’t let me check mail anymore. Anyway, who wants to hold my hand through this? If you succeed in helping me get my old mail on my Mac, I have lots of fun prizes I could give you. (Yeah, I’m desperate.)

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