Halloween Is A Time For Costumes And Pajo Playlists

Halloween is here and no matter what your outfit tonight, you really are a winner just for dressing up (as long as it’s not The Joker or Sarah Palin or otherwise take you a paragraph to explain). You should send us photos! We’ve already given you some ideas for trendy pop costumes this year, and Videogum’s given you ideas that will most definitely not be trendy this year. You can even send us photos of great music-based pumpkin creations, like the High Places and Heavy Metal O-Lanterns. If you don’t have a camera, just tell us what you’re wearing, and we’ll vote you up and down depending on how terrible the idea. And for the Slint fan who’s hosting a party tonight, here’s a very special David Pajo-assembled streaming mixtape of very metal and spooky jams:

Enjoy, via Wired. Lots of Dead Child!

Trick or autotune via Kanye’s blog, SQUID BRAINS!!

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