Fool’s Gold – “Nadine” Video

SXSW heroes Fool’s Gold like to have parties in their videos, it seems. Last time it was a sunny swimming pool for “Surprise Hotel,” but for “Nadine” the collective (plus many friends) hold a nighttime get together inside the mausoleum at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Hollywood Forever is a perfect location for a band that flaunts its L.A. origins: The cemetery not only sits next to Paramount Studios and hosts Bon Iver concerts, its mausoleum holds Rudolph Valentino and Bugsy Siegel, among others, who all make brief cameos in this video. And the cemetery also makes the perfect backdrop for “Nadine’s” part-joyous, part-mournful tone. The video was directed by Adria Petty, who’s also done videos for Regina Spektor, Duffy, and Beyonce. She’s also Tom Petty’s daughter.

(Via Spinner)

Fool’s Gold’s self-titled album is out now via IAMSOUND.

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