Nickel Creek Break Up


Dearest Listener,
After seven years of extensive touring in support of three records (seventeen years as a band), we’ve decided to take a break of indefinite length at the end of 2007 to preserve the environment we’ve sought so hard to create and to pursue other interests. It has been a pleasure to write, record, and perform for you through the years and we’d like to heartily thank you for your invaluable contribution to our musical lives.


Nickel Creek
(Sean, Sara, and Chris)

They never did get the attention they deserved outside the bluegress circuit (they were pretty poppy!), but the young trio always blew me away at Bonnaroo. They did some amazing covers over the years too. Here’s my fave:

Nickel Creek – “Spit On A Stranger” (MP3)

From this year’s ‘Roo:

UPDATE: You can stream Chris Thile’s new solo album at He covers the Strokes and the White Stripes.

According to his MySpace, Chris’s new band’s official site is That’s either a joke, or website that’s not built yet. But either way, it’s today’s URL of the day.