MP3 Blogging Etiquette

I’ve been doing this Stereogum thing for a number of years now. And there are a number of tacit rules that the music blogging community seems to agree upon. Most are pretty obvious (e.g., if a label asks you to take an MP3 down, you take it down!). But there is one part of the equation that came into play yesterday, and I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Don’t deeplink to other bloggers’ MP3, right? I think we can all agree that if some blogger takes the time to share a song, and put it in an editorial context, one must link to his/her post (not the file) as a courtesy. Even aggregators Elbows and Hype Machine play by these rules.

Ah, but there are exceptions: we all freely deeplink to songs on official band websites, MySpace, corporate sites

So when Pitchfork had the exclusive on that new Decemberists track yesterday, I was surprised to see so many of the old-school media music blogs (AOL, USA Today, Rolling Stone, etc…) deeplink to the file, and not the post.

PFork is so bloggy these days, with its YouTube embeds and daily downloads … but I take all that “Summer Song” deeplinking as a sign that the community believes the indie news site to be so corporate that the bandwidth-consideration rules don’t apply. Is that the consensus?

I’m curious what you guys think. (And Plagenhoef, feel free to weigh in.) And while you’re at it, feel free to share your own tenets of MP3 blogging.

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