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Band To Watch: Golden Ages

Golden Ages is the bedroom project of a 21-year-old Cognitive Science major/Animal Collective fan from Philadelphia. Yes, it’s impossible not to hear the AC influence on his work, but influences are inevitable and like a good Cognitive Scientist in training, he does something heady and elastic with them. He has knack for painting color tones and opening up a swirling compositional space. He’s also getting ready to leave the bedroom behind: We’re told he’s writing parts for a new live show that’ll include guitar, bass, and drums. It’ll be interesting to see what a more typical band lineup does with these loose sheets of saturated synthesizers and distant vocal echoes. For now, take a listen to how he affixes his aesthetic to Surfer Blood’s guitar, bass, and drums in this remix of “Twin Peaks.”

Surfer Blood – “Twin Peaks (Golden Ages Remix)”

Untouched Golden Ages. (But trying layering “Everything Will Be Alright” with Spaceman 3’s “It’s Alright.” Or just note the title’s echo and move on…)

Golden Ages – “Be Cool”

Golden Ages – “Everything Will Be Alright”

Both of those originals are from Tradition, which you can track down via his MySpace. Expect a Golden Ages split with MilllionYoung out via Arcade Sound soon.