Ode To Kirsten Dunst

In the long tradition of novelty pop songs about celebrities, UK band Brinkman deliver “Kirsten Dunst.”

?Yeah, we?ve talked about how difficult it could be if I actually did get to go out with Kirsten Dunst,? says vocalist/guitarist Paul Cook. ?One of my friends said to me, ?what if you went out with her for a couple of weeks and then you decided you weren?t that keen on her? What happens if she goes back to the States and says ?Fucking Brinkman, bunch of wankers?, slagging you off to her powerful Hollywood mates???

Dream on. But at least they got a tune out of it.

Stream Brinkman’s “Kirsten Dunst” at MySpace.

I predict this song will do for Brinkman what “David Duchovny” did for Bree Sharp (i.e., Bree who?).

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BOB DYLAN: “I remember seeing her on the Grammys. I think I was on the show with her, I didn’t meet her or anything. But I said to myself, ‘There’s nothing about that girl I don’t like.’ “

Cute! I mean, creepy!

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