Hold Steady Want Your Home Movies

Via Pitchfork: Hold steady launches “social networking site” boysandgirlsinamerica.com:

This whole album is about guys, girls, love, and growing up in america. We want to you know about what you think about the opposite sex, relationships, love, the whole shebang.

We want to see you!

We want you to make a video testimonial. Post about your life, your loves, your high’s, and your lows. Your first date to your worst date. Your party fouls and your massive nights. Show us what you got!

Et tu, Hold Steady? This better end up with Craig Finn dancing on a treadmill.

Elsewhere in indie rock user-submitted-video-land, Yo La Tengo don’t wanna know about your life or your loves, just that iamnotafraidofyouandiwillbeatyourass.com,