Kanye’s 808s Album Cover, And A Snippet Of “Anyway”

Kanye West is nothing if not artsy. As rumored in various sneaker and furniture forums, and now confirmed by Amazon (Amazon doesn’t lie), LP4’s artwork features the deflated, heart-shaped red balloon seen on “Love Lockdown”‘s cover. On the left border there’s a color bar similar to what you’d see on a Peter Gabriel album. So now you have a .jpg for your four 808s ID3 tags — “Robocop,” “Coldest Winter,” “Heartless,” and the aforementioned first single “Love Lockdown.” Ready for leak #5?

In Disc Changer Diaries, LowKey lets us into his car to listen to snippets of the future hip-hop hits stored on his Zune. In this “season two” video posted yesterday, we get a bit of Kanye’s “Anyway.” (Skip ahead to 1:35 or risk hearing a Busta/Pussycat Doll duet.) LowKey won’t stop yammering over it, but you can make out lines like “You worry about the wrong things” given the Auto-Tune treatment. Also, it sorta sounds like Phoenix.

Looking forward to hearing that one proper. 808s & Heartbreak is out 11/25 on Roc-A-Fella/Island Def Jam.

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