Courtney Vs. Jack Is The New Christina Vs. Kelly

Sharon Osbourne is miffed about Courtney Love’s rude run-in with her son at a recent Oscar party. “She was calling him Oxy Boy,” an insider told MSBNC’ Jeannette Walls. “And was asking him when he?s going to shut up about OxyContin.” Sharon’s now warned Love to “stay away from my boy” and mocked the singer on her talk show, saying Love?s plastic surgery is almost as bad as Michael Jackson’s. Court and Jack … who would’ve guessed that friendship would sour?

MTV: What makes someone a true friend in your eyes?
Jack Osbourne: I don’t know, you just connect with someone. I really don’t stray away from my friends, I have got this group of six or seven friends, I don’t hang out with anyone except for them. What makes a good friend is when they start caring–when you’re sick, or they actually call you and see how you’re doing. You can tell who’s your friend and who isn’t. L.A. is particularly tough. You walk down the street and people kiss your ass 24 hours a day.

Get the Jack Osbourne & Courney Love backstory here. Certainly one of the weirdest-ever episodes of the reality series.