New Stephen Malkmus – “Kindling For The Master” Remixes

Domino’s released a new Malkmus remix EP Kindling For The Master that attempts to bring the Face The Truth single to the dancefloor.

This promo reveals 4 fantastic remixes over 2 pieces of vinyl. Emperor Machine lays down his exquisitely produced kosmiche disco groove as only he can, and Major Swellings (aka Norwegian club scene pioneer Prins Thomas) takes us on a dub-disco journey deep into the night.

On the other slab of black stuff Hot Chip, fresh from the overwhelming response to their new album ?The Warning?, come up with a beautiful rework, whilst Polmo Polpo – the musical output of one Sandro Perri, who also happens to run the Toronto based Audi Sensa label ? completes the package in style.

01. Kindling for The Master (Emperor Machine Remix – Vocal) (6:16)
02. Kindling for The Master (Major Swellings Remix – Vocal) (9:12)
03. Kindling for The Master (Hot Chip Remix) (6:11)
04. Kindling for The Master (Polmo Polpo Remix) (5:06)

It’s not licensed for sale in the US, but you can stream the whole thing here (if you don’t mind re-clicking the play button every thirty seconds … which you will).

I’m sure one of you kind folks has MP3s you want to send to us!

UPDATE: Fluxblog (I should’ve known…) has got the Major Swellings MP3!

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