Random Death Cab News

The other night we were watching Extra (yes, we’re ashamed) when we were surprised to see a segment on Death Cab For Cutie sandwiched between “the real desperate housewife!” and “celebs’ go-to-hairstylist for emmy night!”

Mark McGrath introduced our boys as “the cool band with the even cooler name” and revealed “success hasn’t gone to their head.” Surreal. But it reminded us we haven’t written about Death Cab in a while, so…

  • It’s been out for a while, but the video for “I Will Follow You into the Dark” had its Subterranean debut this week. On YouTube in case you haven’t seen it yet.

  • Metroblogging: Seattle has a write-up of the 826 Seattle benefit at which Ben Gibbard and Colin Meloy covered Blur’s “End Of The Century.” As an encore, Colin performed his self-proclaimed “worst song ever written” with help from Ben, Smoosh, Zach Rogue, and Daniel Handler. It’s called “Dracula’s Daughter” and you can watch it here.

  • And speaking of Colin Meloy… Last month we asked you to name Chris Walla’s new band. The Decemberist weighed in a few days later on MySpace:

    My Five Band Name Suggestions For Christopher Walla. By Colin.
    1. Ever Has It Grown on the Tombs of My Forebears
    2. Poppycock
    3. Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
    4. Jonathan Livingston Screwdriver
    5. Your Large Flushing Toilets Are Destroying Our Way of Life
    (..5 is a cheat, because I think it was at one point a real band, but it probably would be legit to use it in some form. Maybe: Your Large Flushing Toilets Are Destroying Our Way of Life UK?)

    Everyone buy the new My Brightest Diamond Record!!!

  • Death Cab doc Drive Well, Sleep Carefully: On the Road with Death Cab for Cutie is airing on Starz this month (schedule here). It’s part of the channel’s Musaic series, which also features films about TMBG, Low, GBV, Ted Leo and Saddle Creek Records.

    I wanna hear that Blur cover!