New Willie Nelson & Ryan Adams – Songbird

Willie Nelson will always be cool (love that song “Screw The IRS, Let’s Get High With Rob Thomas!”), but we never expected this resurgance of relevance among the kids. We’ll forgive Willie’s turn in Dukes Of Hazzard — and that gay cowboy song was more a product of shrewd marketing than anything else — but we can’t wait to hear his new album.

For Songbird (10/31), the Read Headed Stranger teamed up with the East Village Blogger Ryan Adams. Along with the Cardinals, they take on hits from Leonard Cohen, Gram Parsons, the Dead, and Fleetwood Mac. It’s not all covers, though; Ryan wrote a new song “Blue Hotel” specifically for Nelson. And there’s new versions of old Willie classics.

Go to Lost Highway (you gotta sign up if you’re not a member) to preview the Christine McVie-penned title track “Songbird,” “Blue Hotel,” and “Rainy Day Blues.”

And while we’re still waiting for those three Ryan solo albums, we’re happy to report he and Stereogum are finally friends.

UPDATE: Ryan’s official site revealed its futuristic redesign today. (Thanks for the heads up Lawyerlike!)