The Decemberists Bring Conan “Days Of Elaine”

It was originally reported that the Decemberists were going to go the current events route and play “Valerie Plame” for their Election Day-eve spot on Conan. Instead, they offered up a tiny Obama button and Always The Bridesmaid Vol. 2 A-side “Days Of Elaine.” Guess they didn’t want to offend O’Brien with “O New England“‘s conflicted view of Boston. More likely, it was good timing: Vol. 2 came out today. You can watch the performance at Hulu. Conan’s very impressed by the rhythm guitar.

Always The Bridesmaid: Volume I and Volume II are out now digitally via Capitol and on 12″ vinyl via The Decemberists’ Y.A.B.B./Jealous Butcher. Volume III’s out 12/2. You can pre-order the complete bundle here. The band’s working on their next full-length, Hazards Of Love.