To Rococo Rot – “Horses”

Their palindromical name is one sign that Berlin trio To Rococo Rot care a lot about symmetry and balance. The other, of course, is songs like “Horses.” What’s great about “Horses” is what’s great about all To Rococo Rot: It has a perfection to it without sounding severe. Above the synths and ticks is what sounds like a muted, uneven hand clap, a bit feels unmistakeably human. To Rococo Rot recorded Speculation at Faust’s studio and Faust’s Jochen Irmler plays organ on album closer “Friday.”
To Rococo Rot – “Horses” (MP3)

Speculation is out 5/29 via Domino.

I spent a second thinking of my favorite palindrome band names: there’s this one, So Many Dynamos, ooioo, and !!!. Any others?