Stereogum Presents Bloggapalooza

Time for today’s indie math lesson. Three buzz bands + Three New York area shows + Three MP3 premieres = One special Stereogum event!

We’re getting with a few of our favorite bands to present their shows and have some good times. When we ran into Miguel from Catfish Haven at Lolla, he talked about joining forces for a local event. And when he told us that the guys were gonna be in town with blogger faves Birdmonster and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, we couldn’t resist giving the gigs our stamp of approval.

To celebrate, each band on this awesome bill wants you to have an unreleased MP3. Call it a guilt-free appetizer.


Catfish Haven is a trio that’s bringin’ some soul to this indie thing. Led by George Hunter’s reedy, raspy vocals and the band’s smoky, Otis Redding feel, the Haven have both Chicago and Missouri in their veins. The band’s gearing up for the September 12th release of Tell Me (Insound), their debut full length on Secretly Canadian. Here’s a taste, and grab another awesome track from MySpace.

Catfish Haven – “Grey Skies” (MP3)


We snapped this pic at Birdmonster’s steamy-hot Knitting Factory set a few months back. Their insanely energetic stage show had us wishing we brought ‘em sweat rags and knee pads, but each bone-to-stage collision was fodder for smiles and cheers. The guys want you to see their sensitive side, though, lest their old school swagger scare ya. Here’s a live, acoustic version of a track from No Midnight (Insound):

Birdmonster – “Ice Age” (Live) (MP3)


Everyone loves Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Last year’s blog darlings are ready to re-release their Elliott Smith-meets-bedsit-indie Broom on Polyvinyl Records in October. It’s a gem. Buy it from Ampcamp, but snag this great, vinyl-only track in your favorite digital format first.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – “Let’s Get Tired!” (MP3)

The shows are soon (!), so get tickets for tonight’s show at Maxwells (buy), the 9/7 show at Mercury Lounge (buy), and the 9/8 gig at Brooklyn’s Union Hall.

And we’ve got a pair to give away to the Mercury show! Just leave a comment (using your real email addy) saying you want ‘em, and we’ll draw names from a random number generating hat.

Wonder if they’ll let us on the tour bus between cities? We could all sing “Tiny Dancer.”