M.I.A. And Blaqstarr Sorta Cover The Wire Theme

More bulletpoints to add to the busiest retirement since Jay-Z pretended to do it: a XXX set, being super pregnant, and tangentially teasing the greatest television show to air before Don Draper poured his first scotch. Momma-to-be Maya teamed with Blaqstarr to release this election day thumper “S.U.S. (Save Ur Soul),” which reworks a bit of Tom Waits’s gritty good-and-evil set piece “Way Down In The Hole.” You might know the track if you own the Frank’s Wild Years LP, but you probably love it as the theme song to The Wire. Either way might as well stop refreshing fivethirtyeight.com for a sec and check it:

(via GvsB)

The theme’s in the hands of M.I.A., Lt. Daniels is on Fringe, Marlo’s on Heroes, McNulty’s drunk somewhere with a waitress splayed on his car hood … life goes on. But since each season introduced a new “Hole” cover for its intro montage, this one should be the unofficial version for the unofficial Sixth Season Of The Wire, as written and performed by NYC comic Patrick Borelli. I haven’t seen it yet but I hear it’s really good! Not even necessarily funny, just like really dead-on if The Wire went for a sixth season and was set in the zoo. Max Silvestri has photo documentation. Ask for it by name. Vote Carcetti.