She & Him Bring “In The Sun” To Letterman

Here’s the thing about actors in music projects: Whatever the sounds are like, on camera they’re going to be alright. At least, on camera under controlled conditions, like in the video for “In The Sun” which saw Zooey Deschanel dancing and winking and being the human manifestation of indie adorability. It’s a slightly different scenario when the emphasis shifts from scripted lip dubs to live renditions, though: When Z & M did the late night circuit in support of the prequel to Volume Two, it was hard not to look into Zooey’s eyes and see a dear (always a dear) in headlights — just because you can act doesn’t mean you can always act natural. The duo plus backing band gave the late night racket another shot Friday night at the Ed Sullivan Theatre, Zooey swapping the knowing winks for intensely concentrating eyes as if she’s looking in the sun (method acting), but as far as her pipes she’s coming out sounding more than alright.

Volume Two is out via Merge.