New Transformation Surprise (Mary Pearson Of High Places) Video – “The Moving Line”

Transformation Surprise is the solo project of High Places’ Mary Pearson. It clearly sounds a bit like HP because of her voice, but less so than you might imagine. The songs tend to be more fragmentary (“I Could Just Lie Here”), spare (“Avain Flu”). At times, it comes off like loner-psych collage (Charlambides or Fursaxa paired down). Also, Rob Barber’s percussion doesn’t backup or buttress, so the music feels more spacious and airy. Person recently completed a song/video combo, “The Moving Line,” which pairs an echoing TS hymn with images of woodsy landscapes, trees. Anyone who’s listened closely to High Places — see “The Storm,” “The Tree with the Lights in It,” etc. — ought to notice the shared subject matter. If not, it should be enough that it’s Autumn and this makes for a beautiful post-Daylight Savings meditation.

You can hear more Transformation Surprise, including the new song “Old Tricks Fail Me” at MySpace.