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Your favorite band probably isn’t going to be relevant in 40 years. And that’s not accosting your good taste (you’re here, aren’t you?); that’s just the nature of art and music. World views shift, styles morph unrecognizably, society has new demands and ever-changing priorities. And yet, with their magnum opus, The Beach Boys crafted a time-honored testament to life and love, a sophisticated album of genre-synthesizing beauty. Few compare, and few are so well remembered.

To celebrate the album’s 40th Anniversary, Capitol is reissuing the record in a CD/DVD digipak and a limited edition, deluxe, double colored vinyl package. This edition is limited to 10,000 numbered copies worldwide, and Stereogum’s got 3 shrinkwrapped copies of the double vinyl to give away. Our copies are all numbered under 100 (if that means they’re more special or something … we’re not sure).

To enter, post in the comments refuting this claim from Stereogum reader John on our last Pet Sounds post:

There is nothing particularly advanced about its use of song form (variations of eight-bar phrases, choruses, bridges, etc.) or tonal pallette (as if using a harp and an accordion is some kind of stroke of genius). Its use of meter and rhythmic emphasis is purely conventional and, though there are numerous pretty melodies, pretty melodies have been around since the middle ages. I suppose an argument could be made that it represents some sort of advance in recording-studio technique… But for the most part I don’t think there is an objective, musical reason why we like this record.

Winners will be chosen randomly. We just want to hear you say nice things about one of our favorite albums. Contest ends Wednesday 9/20 at 6 PM EST. Good luck!

And remember to check in on the free Pet Sounds Podcast series, featuring all-new interviews with the Beach Boys about every track on the album! We just watched the video on the overview of the record, with the Boys’ commentary set to awesome still shots of them and pre-trauma, moptop Brian. An afficiondo’s must. One of our favorite nuggets comes from Mike Love’s retelling of the album’s naming:

Brian didn’t know what to call the album. We played the album back in its entirety in the studio … I was … listening back, like everyone else … and here comes a dog barking and a train passing, as a sound on the album. I said, “Huh. Well, it’s a dog. Why don’t we call it Pet Sounds?!” Which is a double entendre. It means “our favorite sounds,” as well as it means a dog barking! (laughs) Brian said, “Yeah, that’s cool!”

Grab the rest of the overview here:

Pet Sounds Overview (Audio) (MP3)
Pet Sounds Overview (Video) (Video)

Full of fun facts so you can kick ass at your next Rock ‘N’ Roll Trivia night.

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