She & Him Bring “Thieves” To Kimmel

Knowing that Zooey doesn’t exactly thrive while singing live on television, you could go either of two ways as her manager: Keep her off camera (unless it’s for a cutesy video), or line up the televised appearances in rapid succession so that if one doesn’t go so well its memory can be blotted out by the next. Well they’ve gone the latter route, and I guess it’s paying off? Yesterday’s Letterman performance of “In The Sun” caught her looking like a dear (yes, dear) in headlights, but it seems like maybe her eyeball coach gave her some pro tips afterward because she was slightly more comfortable to watch doing “Thieves” for Kimmel. As for the sounds, her voice is still holding up well and the rolling backdrop still sounds nice and nostalgically dusty, which is to say it sounds like M. Ward.

Volume Two is out via Merge.