New Deerhoof Video – “Offend Maggie”

I made the point a couple weeks ago when Deerhoof released their paramecia-core video for “Family Of Others,” but since they keep on giving us new Offend Maggie visual aids, I’ll say it again: Deerhoof love videos. At the time, I listed the previous Offend clips — “Chandelier Searchlight,” “Fresh Born,” “The Tears And Music Of Love” — and mentioned there wasn’t anything for the title track. Now there is. It involves a bunch of still photographs of the band and the band’s friends/fans/etc in various locations. Both the locations depicted in the pictures and where they display said pictures (see above). See this:

A bit reminiscent of this, minus the van wreck, costume changes, wacky dancing. It’s not the most exciting video, no, but it is another video, and that seems to be the goal.

Offend Maggie is out via Kill Rock Stars.

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