The Great Copycat Contest

WFMU’s Beware Of The Blog has a fun contest up:

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then popular music is ready for induction into the Sincerity Hall of Fame. This month’s DJ-produced compilation is Bill Zurat’s’s 2005 marathon collection, Copycats, Imitators and Soundalikes.

See if you can identify which well known band is, ahem, being paid homage to in each track below. The first correct listing in the comments section to this post wins the WFMU T-shirt of your choice. Since some tracks rip off more than one band at a time, the final arbiter will be Bill Z himself. Keep your guesses in the right order please!

1. Luv – “Shoes Off (Boots On)” (MP3)
2. Primitive Romance – “The Spirit’s Still There” (MP3)
3. Neu Elektrik – “Cover Girl” (MP3)
4. Scott Wilk and The Walls – “Radioactive” (MP3)
5. Marc Eric – “California Home” (MP3)
6. Sidney Joe Quails – “How Can You Say Goodbye” (MP3)
7. Sleepy Hollow – “Am I Talking Out of Turn” (MP3)
8. Blue Things – “It Ain’t No Thing Babe” (MP3)
9. Redeye – “Games” (MP3)
10 .Repetition – “A Still Rephlex” (MP3)
11. The Divorce – “Family” (MP3)
12. Edgar Broughton Band – “It’s Falling Away” (MP3)
13. Steve Tilston – “Simplicity” (MP3)
14. Tin Tin – “Lady In Blue” (MP3)
15. Jobriath – “Blow Away” (MP3)

Some good guesses at (except the guy who thinks everything is a Ween homage) so head there for spoilers after you give it a go yourself. And post your answers there if you wanna win a WFMU t-shirt.

We should make an indie rock version of this list! Any suggestions?