Chemical Brothers – “Escape Velocity”

Initially “Escape Velocity” isn’t all that surprising, i.e. it sounds like you’d expect it to with a name like that. The lead track from the Chemical Brothers’ seventh album Further opens with an escalating flourish and all sorts of forward speed and momentum. It builds and builds until it slows down at four minutes and change so it can sound more powerful when things pick up again. But somewhere past the six-minute mark, things get more psychedelic, rumbling, expansive, and interesting: By the time you get to minute 12, you’re unsure if anyone’s trying to escape, or if we’re all just kinda floating happily in space. According to the band, each of the album’s eight tracks will be accompanied by a short film, so I guess we’ll find out.

Think of this during the finale.

Further is out 6/8 via Freestyle Dust/Astralwerks.