Kanye West Doing His Good Ass Job

About a year ago I joked that Kanye’s Hype Williams-directed video for “Amazing,” while featuring stunning aerial shots of a certain slice of Pacific paradise, seemed mostly like the perfect way to write-off a trip to Hawaii just in time for tax season. ‘Tis the seaso for write-offs again, though it’s become apparent Kanye wasn’t just vacationing on The Island: Billboard’s packaged a tidy bundle of details on West’s forthcoming record, apparently titled Good Ass Job, for which he’s luring top-notch talent to a studio in his Hawaiian hometown of Diamond Head. What they’ve confirmed via various sources: Guest rappers include Q-Tip, RZA, and Pete Rock, with production pitch-ins from No I.D. And according to Common, Kanye and No I.D. are going after a “raw hip-hop” sound. Probably no 808s, we’ll see about the heartbreak.