Kyp Malone Reviews Films On A Five-Burger Scale

Voluminously head-haired Bedford Ave. mascot Kyp Malone is just a cackling laugh, oratorical cadence, and three-piece suit away from being able to roll as Cornel West any given Halloween, so it’s cute to see him take up an (anti-)intellectual pose in this clip from recently launched downtown-arts web series Our Show With Elliot Aronow. Herein the TV On The Radio guitarist reveals an interest not in TV, or radio, but in film, producing a gigantic notebook from which he reads pithy reviews of every film he’s ever seen. Sample: “Avatar? More like Ava-turds. Two-and-a-half burgers.” You get the idea. Whole clip’s here, along with some of Our Show’s previous installments (feat. Das Racist covering Beastie Boys and Ted Leo responding to anonymous commenting assholes).

Here’s Ashok, Victor, and Heems of Das Racist (whose mixtape you need in your life) covering “Sabotage” with ex-Black Dice/Soft Circle/arcade percussionist Hisham Bharoocha:

And here’s Gummys-alum Max Silvestri having a chat with Ted Leo about anonymous internet haters:

Our Show With Elliot Aronow is a web show without a website, so chew on that for awhile. More clips surely forthcoming.