Boo Hoo

Scissor Sisters’ frontman Jake Shears gets fragile in the new Uncut:

“Earlier this year, David Gilmour told my manager that he wanted me to sing ‘Comfortably Numb’ with him at Radio City Music Hall for two shows. So of course I’m emotionally fragile and weeping – a mess. I was so over the moon because I can sing the hell out of that song – I’ve been singing it for the latter half of my life. So I was practising it and doing my vocal exercises to it, but the day before the gig they decided not to have any guests. They canned me. Bastards! It was one of the worst things you can do to anybody. I kind of hate him for it. It was like taking candy away from a kid. My mom was getting on a plane to come and see me.”

Tough life there, Jakey.