Corin Tucker Announces Solo LP

Janet Weiss has been busy with Quasi’s American Gong and Carrie Brownstein puts on the best in-stores when not blogging for NPR. Now, after a long hiatus, Corin Tucker’s moving back into the music thing: The former Sleater-Kinney co-vocalist/co-guitarist is working on her debut solo album, due at some point via Kill Rock Stars. She’s again part of a trio, this time backed by the Golden Bears’ Seth Lorinczi and Hungry Ghost’s Sara Lund (RIP Unwound). The 11 new songs are being put to tape at the Bears’ Little Golden Book home studio. In an interview with The Portland Mercury, we’re told Sinéad O’Connor’s The Lion and the Cobra, the Slits, the Raincoats, and the English Beat are all inspirations for the new material. As is Quasi’s aforementioned American Gong. She also spoke with the paper about her decision to take time off from music and “just be a mom for a while” — she has two kids — along with plans for a tour, etc. We also find out that she uses an acoustic guitar and goat nails on the new songs. And there’s this bit about the subject matter. And a Sleater-Kinnery reunion?

It’s definitely more of a middle-aged mom record, in a way. It’s not a record that a young person would write. But I am the worst person in the world to describe my own lyrics, so I’m not even going to try! I do think I’m trying to write stories, though, and that I take certain feelings or certain experiences and put them into a little story. And there are definitely some ghosts on the record, too—ghost songs. There’s some sadness, some reinvention, some rebirth. I think the goal for me is to write some good stories.

Will it sound like Sleater-Kinney?

I think some of the songs are in the ballpark. It’s definitely my voice and my songwriting style. But like I said, it’s different instrumentation on some of the songs and a different collaboration. Seth’s producing and arranging things, so that’s different, too. It may be more traditional with some of the arrangements.

If you recall, Carrie Brownstein told IFC that she thought a Sleater-Kinney reunion “will happen.” So?

The door is open. We ended things on a hiatus so that it was always something that could happen in the future. You know, I’d love to live a long productive life and do a lot of different things. This has been the challenge of trying different musical styles, and I’d like to do more of that—regardless of Sleater-Kinney or other projects.

Speaking of which, the new album’s currently not titled. You’ll find out more at The Portland Mercury.