How To Get Listed On Flavorpill

NY Times Magazine studies the successful cultural events newsletter Flavorpill and its “mainstream indie” aesthetic.

?I would say the aesthetic we uphold is always about our own canon,? said Lisa Rosman, a longtime contributor. ?Either very new cultural trends or older ones that are vital to the ones that prevail at the moment. An example would be that we always highlight Gil Scott-Heron, even though he was a 60?s-70?s dude, since he pretty much helped launch hip-hop. Our aesthetic is mainstream indie, though we don?t admit it. It?s under the wire, but just. And the minute we report on it, its under-the-wire status is absolutely blown.? … Rosman told me that a few editors had a big debate about whether to list a Justin Timberlake concert. ?The feeling was we couldn?t, because Justin Timberlake is not cool,? she said. ?But everyone at Flavorpill secretly loves Justin Timberlake.?

A striking example of Flavorpill?s influence was the company?s collaboration with the Guggenheim Museum. Last year the museum began throwing a D.J. party in the Guggenheim rotunda on the first Friday of the month. The idea was to get a younger crowd of potential new members into the museum after hours. … ?[Flavorpill] brought in Diplo,? recalls Julia Brown, the museum?s manager of membership. ?We had no idea this guy was the biggest thing since sliced bread.? The museum had been averaging 1,500 people; Diplo turned out nearly twice that number.

Take note urban influencers: Diplo = cool, Timberlake = not cool.

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That’s the second time we mentioned that book this week! Maybe we should buy it.