Suzanne Vega & The Roots Do “Tom’s Diner,” AKA The First MP3

Last night, Ms. Vega popped over to 30 Rock with “Caramel,” the The Truth About Cats & Dogs hit reworked on her new record Suzanne Vega Close-Up Vol. 1, Love Songs. However for this web-only clip, the Fallon gang coaxed her to join the Roots and dust off those “doo-doo”s and offer a take the on all-time classic “Tom’s Diner.” Suzanne sounds good as ever, and Questo nails the backbeat (as he will nail the DJ turntable at tonight’s Videogum Birthday Party @ Brooklyn Bowl — come!). There’s poetry to this one being an internet exclusive: “Tom’s Diner” is historic for being the first perfected MP3. And for making the first MP3’s first lyric “doo.” Raise your Zune in salute:

Suzanne Vega Close-Up Vol. 1, Love Songs is out now. She’s on tour supporting it.