Greatest Hits

Oasis have revealed the Stop The Clocks tracklist, and yes it does contain “Live Forever,” the greatest song of all time.

Rock n Roll Star
Some Might Say
Talk Tonight
The Importance of Being Idle
Slide Away
Cigarettes & Alcohol
The Masterplan
Live Forever
Half The World Away
Go Let It Out
Morning Glory
Champagne Supernova
Don’t Look Back In Anger

Say what you will about Oasis, but for Definitely fans who stopped caring years ago, it may be a welcome collection after all.

Speaking of Best Ofs, can we put an embargo on bands repackaging their hits every other year? We realize it’s usually a label decision, but still:

Alice In Chains – Essential (out now)
Prince – Ultimate (out now)
Aerosmith – Devil’s Got a New Disguise (10/10)
Depeche Mode – Best Of (11/13)

Some recent and upcoming greatest hits comps we can’t argue with: Missy Elliott (out now), Chris Isaak (out now), Mercury Rev (10/2), Eminem (12/5). They’re first timers. But we’re hearing rumors of another U2 Best Of (!) … and that’s just not right.

What band DOESN’T have a singles collection but deserves one? Radiohead? Weezer? Tapes ‘N Tapes?

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