Hinder Vs. OK Go

Can’t we all just get along? Rolling Stone talks to Hinder, a band we never even fucking heard of. Apparently, they’re on tour with Nickelback and Hoobastank.

You seem to really have your biggest following in the middle of the country. Is that something you?d agree with?
Austin Winkler: I would definitely agree as far as NY and LA with some of that artsy bullshit like OK GO, bands like that. I think they?re a bunch of fairies. I mean, they got on MTV , the VMA awards and they got on there and danced like a broadway show. That?s not fucking rock ?n roll, that?s not rock ?n roll at all.

We get what you mean about OK Go and some of the bands that really are popular on the coasts, but what do you think it is about you guys that appeals to people?
AW: We have good songs, I would say. Their songs suck, I mean what the fuck? They sold 4,000 albums a week and then that treadmill fairy shit comes on the fucking TV and they only sold 4,000 more records a week because the song sucks.

Do you guys know them? You seem to have a real specific fixation with them, have you met them or anything?
Cody Hanson: No, it?s just seeing their fucking stupid-ass faces on the T.V. all the time, it pisses me the fuck off.

Are there any other bands that you look at and are like why are they famous, besides them?
CH: I?ll tell you, the worst band of all time in my book is Thursday.
AW: I thought he had a good voice, dude, what are you talking about.
CH: That dude has got to be the worst singer I have ever heard in my entire fucking life, man. He is terrible.

Keeping tabs on OK Go’s post-VMA record sales … so rock ‘n roll.

Can we get Danny North Side Kings to just beat the shit out of everyone?

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