In Bloom

No cult has done more to erase the blight of Waco from the minds of Texans than that of The Polyphonic Spree, with their rainbow robes and heavenly harmonies. This month, the Polyphonic ones came back to us with an EP, entitled Wait (something we bloggers are rarely capable of), released September 5th and featuring three covers, two originals, and the production genius of Jon Brion.

It’s also gonna help back-catalogue sales of Tim DeLaughter’s past project, Tripping Daisy, as he went ahead and covered himself with “Sonic Bloom.” And though that’s like decorating your apartment with self-portraits, the conceit is acceptable ’cause the song is a gem. There isn’t too much to distinguish the tracks (except for the expected grandiose, Spree embellishments), but take a listen for yourself:

The Polyphonic Spree ? “Sonic Bloom” (MP3)
Tripping Daisy ? “Sonic Bloom” (MP3)

Either way, the song rocks. And don’t worry, they’re also covering bands they’ve never played in. Like Nirvana. We expected ‘em to run with “Lithium”‘s lyrics, plead ignorance to Cobain’s biting sarcasm, and make another Polyphonic anthem. Instead, we get a surprisingly reverent rendition. Check it out at The DIY Rockstar.

While we were talking Tim DeLaughter and Tripping Daisy today around Stereogum HQ, Scott professed his love for this ’90s modern rock radio flashback and made me post it.

Tripping Daisy ? “Piranha” (MP3)

And just for kicks: Name the other blog-friendly band containing an ex-member of Tripping Daisy. Hint: They’re from Texas, too! (Not Midlake.)