New Decemberists – “Raincoat Song”

Fresh off a late-night performance of “Days Of Elaine,” the Decemberists are back with Always The Bridesmaid: Vol. III A-side “Raincoat Song,” which fittingly focuses on a woman named Caroline, angry because at 28 she sleeps “like a spinster.” It’s a brief, basic, downcast track that doesn’t go for “Valerie Plame’s group sing-a-long/epic exit. As its title suggests, it’s more in the vein of the rainy love story of “O New England,” but here there’s no love. That’s the point: “Going off half-cocked / Not shot full of arrows / From the cherubim / Oh, the nerve of them / To not draw their bow…”

No, not as effective as a “Famous Blue Raincoat.”

Always The Bridesmaid: Volume I and Volume II are out now digitally via Capitol and on 12″ vinyl via The Decemberists’ Y.A.B.B./Jealous Butcher. Volume III, which houses this track, is out 12/2. You can pre-order the complete bundle here.