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Band To Watch: Van She

We dig that synthy Van She EP, and while debating which track to post — the throbbing “Sex City” or bubblegum “Kelly” — we realized both are available as free downloads. The former, R.I.Y.L. Lansing-Dreiden’s “Line,” at MySpace

Van She – “Sex City” (MP3)

…and the latter via Insound:

“Unashamedly taking bits and bobs from 80’s post punk, funk and synth pop, 90’s grunge, French house, film scores, 70’s Krautrock and the latest collection of innovative artists like Tom Vek and M83, Van She are that unique beast that one was beginning to believe no longer existed – a band that takes all these influences from days gone but makes them sound unique, modern, and… fresh. A lazy pastiche this isn’t.”

This blast of nü-romanticism was written for a long lost John Hughes movie.

Van She – “Kelly” (MP3)

Cute eightiestastic video too. White background? Check. Skinny ties? Check. Moog? Check. Bobby Brown?

OK, no Bobby Brown. But there is a quick Prince nod.

Stream the Aussies’ whole EP and remixes they’ve done (Presets!) here.

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