Gayngs – “Faded High” (Stereogum Premiere)

Gayngs – “Faded High” (Stereogum Premiere)

Recent Minneapolis BTW Gayngs is essentially the project of producer Ryan Olson (above) with Zack Coulter and Adam Hurlburt of Solid Gold, but there are so many extra hands crammed into the hot tub each track it feels more like a community effort. When we posted Relayted opener “The Gaudy Side of Town” we mentioned it included the vocals and guitar of Justin Vernon. What we didn’t mention: You should also hear Michael Lewis’s sax, Megafaun members Brad Cook on slap bass and Joe Westerlund on drums, and a few others circulating around Coulter’s keyboards/beatbox and croon. The smooth, upbeat 7-minute “I want your body on me” jam “Faded High” includes an even bigger cast … along with airy vocal melodies and overlaps, soulful guitars, electronic blips and whirls, and a dust-kicking drum breakdown just before the backward key/guitar weeping finale.

The cast:

M. Vincent Vaughner Noyce: vocals
Katy Morley: vocals
Maggie Wander: vocals
Channy Moon Casselle: vocals
Justin Vernon: vocals, guitar
Ivan Howard: vocals
Phil Cook: keys
Adam Hurlbert: bass
Brad Cook: bass
Jake Luck: keys
Maggie Morrison: vocals
Joe Westerlund: drums

The song:

Gayngs – “Faded High”

The sex is up to you.

Relayted is out 5/11 via Jagjaguwar.

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