Velvet Davenport – “Get Out” (Feat. Ariel Pink & Gary War) Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Aside from LCD Soundsystem (who ruled MHOW last night, btw), it’s the return of Ariel Pink and his masterful Before Today LP that’s owning the who-got-what-promo-when and hyperbolic-modifier dialog that breaks out every so often in the blogosphere and on the Tweetdecks. All of which is a coincidental but considerable press benefit for skewed lo-fi psych sextet Velvet Davenport, whose Ariel Pink (and Gary War)-featuring “Get Out” and “Run” singles we’ve pushed around these pages for their ramshackle jangles and warping guitar tones and harmonies. The video for “Get Out” takes all that colorful psychedelia and fuzzed tonality and puts it into shimmying, moving images — of colorful psychedelia and fuzzed tonalities. Also, a close-up of some butt cheeks.

The “Get Out” b/w “Run” 7″ is out via ShdwPly.