New Nudge Video – “War Song”

Nudge is the Portland trio of Honey Owens, aka Valet, with Brian Foote and Paul Dickow (Strategy). Owens and Foote are also members of the Atlas Sound touring band. The group’s new 4-song EP Infinity Padlock pairs Nudge’s ambiant/noisy excursions with some striking packaging: The cover depicts a painting of a pair of birds wings torn from their owner, blood and bones apparent (you should be ashamed of yourself Brandon Flowers). The Multifresh-directed video for “War Song” also uses memorable imagery. Here, it’s Owens wearing a Ghillie Suit (aka 3-D forest/sniper camouflage), wandering around the band’s hometown. In the meantime, Foote’s dressed up in a ski mask with a bunch of guitar pedals strapped to his chest like a bomb, while vintage stock footage finds airplanes dropping the real thing.

Not to sound too optimistic, but it genuinely feels weird (in a great way) watching this video after Obama’s victory.

Infinity Padlock is out via Audraglint.