Stereogum’s iTunes Giveaway Coming

If you have yet to benefit from Pepsi’s iTunes Giveaway, I don’t blame you. The promotion made its nationally televised debut on Super Bowl Sunday, and only now are New Yorkers seeing participating yellow-capped bottles on store shelves.

Fortunately (for you), I’ve got a ton of winning caps (I drink a lot of Pepsi), and I’m already an iTunes convert. So for the rest of the week, Stereogum will be giving away a free iTune everyday at noon.

Well, not giving away, exactly. You have to be the first to correctly identify a still from an obscure music video. All those years of watching MTV will finally pay off. Write your answer as a comment in the post if you recognize the video; do not e-mail me.

So, this is your heads up. Check back at noon TODAY for Stereogum iTunes Giveaway #1.

Oh, and one more thing: each daily winner must e-mail me and tell me what you bought and I’ll post the info. Tell us if you think it’s worth 99 cents. Review the song in 75 words or less (if you want). Either way, Stereogum readers reserve the right to make fun of your song choice.