Rockabye Radiohead

Stereogum reader Kasia, who won our Cherub Rock giveaway, received her Radiohead For Babies CD and has a review for us!

Just when I thought more covers of Radiohead was beating, nay ? making Jell-O out of a dead horse, along came Rockabye Baby to bludgeon the poor thing with a glockenspiel. But the beating was almost wistful in a way, because before I knew it, my eyelids grew heavy and I muttered myself to sleep. That may have been the handful of Lunesta, but the lullabies were so pleasant they almost made me want to procreate.

Although the CD might concern me with what would be dancing in my baby?s head besides visions of sugar plums, Rockabye Baby is a delightful way to shape your child?s music taste. If Radiohead got any cuter, Thom would be followed by puppies and toddlers from toilet paper commercials.

I wanted to send an mp3 of ‘Paranoid Android’ instead, but my computer refused to cooperate, so here’s my other favorite.

Baby Rock Radiohead – “No Surprises” (MP3)

Thanks for the awesome write-up Kasia! I’m actually feeling sleepy now. I think it’s ’cause I’m listening to the new Owen, though.

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