Drew Danburry – “Nirvana, By Kurt Cobain”

A couple months ago we posted two songs from Drew Danburry’s sixth album Goodnight Gary. At the time, after reading a few of his blog posts and his detailed discography, I referred to the prolific Provo-based singer-songwriter as a “self-archivist” and mentioned he was planning to put out a companion album to Goodnight Gary called Goodnight Dannii. The curiously titled “Nirvana, By Kurt Cobain” is the single from the newer collection and, as someone not afraid of using a pen, he explained its background and significance to us. 

I wrote this song after our car engine exploded in Ocala, Florida. We were stuck in the cheapest motel we could find living off a dollar menu at the Wendy’s across the street while witnessing our credit card debt mount as we paid for a new engine, and waited for the mechanics to fix the car. We had no income, I read at least five books in about two days and eventually even resorted to turning on the TV.

Feeling somewhat jailed to our fate, tour had already been plagued with bad luck and my wife was suffering (though bravely and silently) from the strain of finances and the constant struggle that makes up surviving on tour.

All of this, and a little more, poured out in about two minutes with the kind of despair that plagues a mediocre artist realizing his inability to succeed at the kind of thing he’s been chasing for years. And as the hope fades away and he’s left to his absolute naked vulnerability, he realizes he ought to clothe his despair with the kind of clever outfit that would make others think a song isn’t really about him, that maybe he’s writing about someone he admires.

Drew Danburry – “Nirvana, By Kurt Cobain”

Goodnight Dannii is being self-released 4/26. Keep watch for details at Danburry’s site. Here are some Dannii drawings from it. Danburry once did a live version of “Nirvana, By Kurt Cobain” at Daytrotter.