The Musical Side Of Saw

After that FUSE announcement, this press release doesn’t seem so silly.

In anticipation of the opening of SAW III, which hits theaters October 27th, the SAW franchise teams up with WARCON RECORDS to begin ?pulling out all the stops? with a show at Webster Hall in New York City, October 19th. The show focuses on the musical side of SAW.

The evening combines appearances by bands featured on the SAW III soundtrack, to be released October 24th, via Artist Addiction, WARCON Enterprises & Fontana Distribution. The night will be headlined by the infamous HELMET, The Smashup and Hydrovibe. The show will be hosted by Shawnee Smith (who stars as ?Amanda? in all three SAW films). Special guests from the SAW franchise will also make appearances.

The show will also feature a SAW museum that includes: torture devices, headgear, set pieces and even Jigsaw?s infamous puppet ?Billie? as well as other authentic props from the SAW franchise. … “Circle of Blood” participants will gain early access to the venue for a private meet and greet autograph session with Shawnee Smith, the bands, and members of the cast and will take home a commemorative bag of SAW merchandise.

Torture devices? They should’ve just invited Hinder. (Rimshot.)